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A prayer of Revd Canon Carol Smith, CTiC Chair
God, our creator and redeemer, you have brought us into this fellowship,
in Christ, to serve You, each other, our churches and this City:
by your grace give us goodness, friendship and love that we may fulfil our calling,
through Jesus Christ Our Lord.

A survey of church leaders, in 2012, revealed that they wanted Churches Together in Chelmsford (CTiC) to raise the awareness of its members of what CTiC does. This article is an attempt to keep member churches informed about what we do and our general strategy for encouraging Christians in the city.
CTiC is a collection of churches in Chelmsford, who agree to try to work together and collaborate for the good of the Christian Mission. The Churches Together in Britain and Ireland (CTBI)website says the following:
"There are many different Christian churches and denominations, but all have the same basic calling - to worship God, to share the good news about Jesus Christ and to work for the good of all people. So churches often need to work together, as well as co-ordinate the work they each do separately. When they do, they are acting as Churches Together."
Churches from all mainline denominations are eligible for membership, together with any other churches or fellowships whose basis of faith is considered to be orthodox. Our Steering Committee members come from all the mainline denominations, and also include representatives from local Christian organisations such as Street Pastors, YMCA, CHESS and Christian Aid.
CTiC's main function is to act as a catalyst for churches and their members to collaborate together, share resources and ideas and have fellowship with one another. We do this in three main ways:
Our own organised events - such as 'The March Of Witness' on Good Friday and the AGM.
We support and publicise events that encourage ecumenical collaboration, such as the 'Ecumenical Praise and Worship' meetings on the second Wednesday of the month at Our Lady Immaculate Church Hall and the 'Celebrate Jesus' meetings.
We publicise an individual church's events through our website - through forwarding posters and leaflets.

We would especially value the input from new supporters and if you would like any further details on the work of CTiC or its events, please contact the Secretary, Richard Cecil.